Mark Sweepston

Hello, I’m Mark and I started Soap Stone Chimney Services back in 1979 when I was just a kid out of high school. My father taught me how to keep our own chimney clean and so I started offering the service to neighbors and friends. Now, over thirty years later, I’m still sweep chimneys and love everyday of it! 

Jesse Sweepston

Hi, I’m Jesse Sweepston, son of Mark and Laura and I’ve been working with my Dad for the past 8 years. After finishing school at Michigan State University with a business degree, I’m looking to bring our services to more customers, especially those who are new to the area and with using wood for heat.

Jill Silver

Hello, I’m Jill Silver and I answer the phones, make appointments, handle the finances and otherwise make sure that Mark (my Dad) and Jesse (my rotten little brother) get your job done right!